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About us.


Vision and mission

Our vision at Rise is to transform Michigan’s standard of practice and access to psychiatric care. Our mission is to provide innovative, accessible, personalized psychiatric care that truly heals in body, mind and spirit. 


Our core values

Trust — Earning and maintaining the trust of our patients is the core of our practice. We are committed to developing a safe and collaborative relationship with everyone we see. Each patient is a valued partner in his or her own treatment and healing.

Innovation — Technology provides us many new avenues to connect with patients, enhance care, and offer an unmatched and desirable flexibility. The resulting private, HIPPA compliant, and ethical relationship is always best practice for our patients.

Service — We are honored and humbled to be welcomed into our patients’ lives. We take this invitation very seriously and meet our patients wherever they are on their journey, seeking to guide and support them on their path to wellness. We vow to protect the dignity of each patient and always contribute to the common good.

Passion — Mental health is not just something we treat, it’s something we practice, advocate for, and truly believe in! We are passionate about alleviating the stigma of mental health and promoting emotional wellness in all the world. 


Reach out.

At Rise Psychiatric Services, we know that finding the right provider to treat you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer a free screening to discuss your mental health needs and our services, to determine how we can best serve you.



Meet the team



Rachel Eshkanian, PA-C, LPC

Rachel is a champion of the human spirit and all that it entails. With nearly 20 years experience in the field of psychology, she has a deep understanding of the needs, struggles and hopes of her patients, as well as that which heals and inspires them. As an empathetic leader and team builder, she is profoundly skilled at developing powerful and meaningful human interactions and relationships. She is incredibly excited to be building something special and unique at Rise. Rachel is a licensed professional counselor and a board-certified physician assistant. In addition to individual counseling, she has worked in adolescent residential treatment, infant mental health, inpatient mental health and substance abuse, as well as in a hospital emergency department for years as a clinical therapist. She has practiced as a PA in both integrative family medicine and psychiatry. She also has specialized training in Christian and Catholic Christian counseling and ministry. She now uses her love of people, uncommon skill set, and many years of experience to treat patients in mind, body and spirit.


M.S., Physician Assistant, 2013

M.A., Counseling, 2006

B.S., Psychology, 2003


American Academy of Physician Assistants
Michigan Association of Physician Assistants
Association of Physician Assistants in Psychiatry
American Counseling Association




Justin Remsing, PA-C

As a former minister, Justin has always desired to serve those who need it most. This background significantly influences his approach to psychiatry, which he executes with great compassion to bring balance and healing to his patients’ lives. He has also worked in both hospital-based internal medicine and pediatric private practice, giving him a broad scope of patient care and an excellent understanding of medicine in all forms. This combined work experience, both in ministry and as a board-certified physician assistant, makes him an empathetic, caring, and uniquely skilled provider. Justin especially loves working with children and believes successfully addressing their mental health needs is the most fulfilling of all his medical practices.


M.S., Physician Assistant, 2013

B.A., Christian Ministry, 2002


American Academy of Physician Assistants
Michigan Association of Physician Assistants
Association of Physician Assistants in Psychiatry
American Academy of Pediatrics



collaborating PHYSICIAN

Dr. Michael Fox, DO

With over 43 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Fox has dedicated his career to treating addiction. In addition to running two private family practices in Metro Detroit, Dr. Fox is the attending physician at St. Mary Mercy Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Unit in Livonia. He is a well respected leader in his field and is sought by countless patients for treatment, as well as by a multitude of his peers for collaboration and consultation of care. Dr. Fox has a true gift for understanding the physical and emotional scope of addiction and how this affects the individual needs of his patients. He is a dedicated provider who invests in each patient’s journey and travels the road of hope and healing with them.



Medicine, 1976


American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, Certified
American Society of Addiction Medicine, Certified
American Board of Addiction Medicine, Certified



Clinical therapist

Brittany Kadrofske, LPC

Brittany deeply believes in each individual's innate abilities to overcome issues in their lives with positive support and guidance.  As a passionate and empathetic provider, Brittany has a unique ability to relate and recognize the true needs of her clients.  She is highly skilled in fostering awareness and resilience, and facilitating action with set goals and personalized care.  With an expansive background that includes working with children and families in the foster care and adoptions system, operating a crisis/suicide hotline, a professional advanced specialization in child and adolescent psychology, and years of experience practicing counseling with individuals facing a wide variety of obstacles and tribulations, Brittany is dedicated to being a genuine partner and ally in an individual's journey through change, growth, and personal successes.  


OAKLAND UNIVERSITY M.A., Counseling, 2006

B.S., Psychology, 2010
B.S., Biology, 2010


American Counseling Association