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The following are a list of patient forms. These are securely signed by you and submitted to us via Adobe Sign and are stored in our Adobe Sign portal, which is compliant with HIPAA regulations. Once forms are submitted, you will receive a copy to the email you provide. Please keep these for your records.


Why choose virtual mental health care? 

Great question! We know you are busy and sadly the first thing that tends to lapse when people get overwhelmed, is their own self-care. We feel so strongly about mental health being an individual and state-wide priority that we wanted to make receiving services as convenient and efficient as possible, without sacrificing exceptional care. At Rise, you get a comprehensive and team-based approach minus the drive, the wait-time, and the missed work hours. Prioritizing your mental health has never been easier.

What is Kareo Telemedicine? 

Kareo Telemedicine is the telemedicine app available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, where you will meet face to face with your provider. It’s simple and easy to use. Upon making an appointment with us, look out for an email or text. Once received, log in to Kareo to confirm your personal info using your favorite device. Prior to your appointment time, log in and wait to be seen by your provider. You can log in on your browser here. You can also download it in the App Store, or get it on Google Play.

When an appointment is happening, is it being recorded and/or stored somewhere?

No sessions are recorded, nor is the ability to do so available in our software.

Are video visits secure?

Yes! The video technology uses bank-grade encryption. It is HIPAA compliant and secure. However, make sure you find a quiet, private place in your home or office for your appointment. A strong WiFi or mobile connection is necessary.

What do patients need to conduct a visit?

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone

  • Strong WiFi or mobile connection

  • Activate account through email or text notification

  • New patients need to fill out our intake form which can be found at the top of this page

  • Be prepared 10 minutes before the visit starts

Can I get my medications prescribed online? 

Yes! Our licensed Michigan physician assistants are able to prescribe medications, including those that are controlled, and send them directly to your pharmacy. You will not need a paper script and their will be no lapse in time to receiving your medications.

How do I fill out the requested patient forms?

Simply click on the “Rise Intake Forms” link above. Fill out the forms and press submit. These are securely transferred to our Adobe Sign portal and are legally signed by you. You will be emailed a copy for your records. If you wish for anyone to be involved in your care, please fill out a “Rise Release Form,” also linked above.

How do I reach someone if I have a question about my care? 

Call us! Our number is 248-850-1000. We are happy to assist you with any needs that may arise between appointments. If we do not answer, we are likely seeing another patient. Leave a detailed message and we will return your call promptly. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY OR ACUTE CRISIS, PLEASE CALL 911 or GO DIRECTLY TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. If you are requesting a refill, please give us 3-5 days to complete this request.

What do I do if I have a psychiatric emergency? 

PLEASE CALL 911 OR GO DIRECTLY TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. If you are hospitalized, please notify us and sign a release form for the hospital or partial hospitalization program to communicate with us, so we can coordinate care.

I am logged on! Where is my provider?

Just like an in-office visit, your provider can sometimes run a little behind. When this happens, the most important thing to do is just stay on the app and wait for them. As a best practice, we recommend checking-in to your appointment 10-15 minutes before your appointment starts. This lets your provider know that you're online, ready, and waiting!

Common video visit error messages:

Here are some common error messages you may encounter when starting your video visit, as well as solutions to resolve these errors:

  • “Please allow your camera and microphone”

    • Go to the upper-right corner of your Chrome window, and press the camera icon. Ensure that it is set to “Always allow access of my camera and microphone.”

  • “Invalid email or password”

    • Please confirm your email address and password are the same as you have previously set up. If you have not previously set a password, check for your appointment email in your inbox and press “Confirm Details” to continue. You can also press “Forgot Password” to recover your password, if you know your correct email address.

  • “We were unable to verify your information. Please review and submit again.”

    • Make sure your phone number and date of birth matches what your practitioner has on file for you.

  • “Credit Card number is invalid”

    • Confirm you have entered in your 16 digit credit card number with no spaces or dashes.